User reaction in Facebook posts. Are they that much Stupid?

A S M Siddique
2 min readMar 4, 2020

stupid stories behind all the reactions to your posts

Do you ever wonder what might be the worst sort reaction in a sad post regarding CORONA impact in your country when posting that news from your business Fan page?? Well, actually I was stunned to see more number of thumbs up than sad reactions when I shared the news that due to CORONA spreading one of the biggest event in Japan got cancelled and I wondered why?

Yes, the page has a authentically nurtured fan base that consist Fans from mostly US, Australia, Germany, UK, France and Canada. So yes I reckon they have at least a sound idea about how to react in such posts.So, why was such a horrendous reaction to such post.

If you spend a minute searching stupid posts and reactions to other posts in facebook, you’ll have a goosebumps. Why’s that?

Well to me, its the utter lack of focus and concentration that people put on facebook. Giving a like to posts that appear before your eyes seem to turn into a sort of practice. The analysis of how many people are giving a thumps up to a post and what percentage of them are actually reading it through clicking might give you a better idea. To be fortunate, you might find 6/8 people have actually read the article that you shared when more than 40/50 people have put their habitual thumps up.

“They see the headline, finds it a bit interesting or GOD knows what put the thumps up and scroll down.”

That is why I would not wonder to see someone giving a like in the saddest news of KOBE Bryant. Take this as a habitual impact and the best you can do is if you care much, then let them know else let it go.

Study by the SP team strikes out “70% of Facebook users only read the headline of science stories before commenting.” Computer scientists at Columbia University and the French National Institute find that, 59 percent of links shared on social media have never actually been clicked.

So yes our concentration span is becoming a atomic particle day by day and marketers are giving it a wild chase. Social media its more of a playful tool, so I get telling myself- I have to fit in or know how to make them fit in with me.

A S M Siddique

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