SNS Organic Reach, Facebook Vs Twitter Vs Pinterest

A S M Siddique
2 min readFeb 20, 2020

Almost 6 months into the journey of dealing with managing SNS pages for my company and facebook, twitter or Pinterest-where is having higher organic reach?

Its already been accepted that facebook organic reach has been deep downwards, so how bad it has been, are there any other means in facebook that might have a bit promising impact or what about results across other SNS channels.

With more than 5000 likes in facebook page, 43.5k monthly viewers in pinterest and 4 followers in twitter, I thought to have a look at my SNS efforts.

First have a look of facebook insights so far

Points to note:

Posts that had highest reach : Link Posts

Average reach of Posts: 2% of Likes

The amount of Likes are mostly due to $2500 that has been spent on Like Campaigns


Points to note: Absolutely zero $ spent on Pinterest.


Points to note: We started twitter weeks back and didn’t spend any bucks here yet.

So in summary

Facebook yielded 2% average reach with 96 impressions/48 reach per posts and at its best a post had 7–10% reach.

With zero dollar, Pinterest yielded 423 impression per pin or most importantly 16 closeups per pin and almost 342 clicks to pin almost 50% that of facebook.

Twitter with only 4 followers and zero dollar spent had 238 reach/tweet. Hashtag played a great role in populating tweets and considering the total clicks, 107 on profile and 17 on links, results seem really promising.

Facebook is too big to ignore but how long?

Are there any alternate approach in facebook that might yield any better results?

I’m onto exploring and lets hope there is something.

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