SEO-What you need to know as a beginner?

A S M Siddique
8 min readNov 15, 2020

Every single day 547200 new websites are being added to this space called Internet and what is the chance that your lovely time and money run content will be viewed? From my years of experiences with digital optimization, I will try to put a very basic TO DO LIST for the beginners of SEO.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization Check List
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I’ll show you what SEO is to begin with, how to check and diagnose SEO, and what tools are available to help you check!

1 What is SEO?

1.1 What is Google’s philosophy?

2 Internal and External SEO

3 Check your company’s website’s SEO strategy.

3.1 Keyword (KW) Optimization

3.2 Check the title and description

3.3 Quality of content

3.4 Link checks

3.5 URL Structure

3.6 Smartphone compatibility

3.7 Crawl stats and display speed

4 Tools to help diagnose and analyze the current state of SEO

4.1 Google Analytics.

4.2 Search Console

5 About SEO Diagnosis

6 Summary

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple words, SEO deals with presenting your online contents (website, articles or digital listings) in the top SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). When users search for something on a search engine for example google, if your web contents don’t show up in the first page or pages, it is less likely that the contents will be viewed by users. So to have the organic reach, you definitely need to invest in SEO. There are many different search engines in the world, like Google, Yahoo! Google having the majority of searches, I would be focusing on ho to optimize for Google in SEO.

Listing ads cost money to secure a place in the display, but SEO doesn’t mean that if you spend money you will appear higher. Also, depending on the search term, the click rate for 10th place is about 1/7th of the click rate compared to 1st place, with almost no clicks below 11th place.

What is Google’s philosophy?

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