CORONA-What it made me think?

A S M Siddique
2 min readMar 4, 2020

Toilet papers are out of stock, Mask has been a scarce resource long ago and people are loading their shelves for a quarantine…

empty shelves due as customers embrace for CORONA

Yes it made Toilet tissue gone in seconds from malls like Target, COSTCO. Well, i understand when the demand increases for masks but toilet tissue, why?

One of my friend was telling that day that during the SARS outbreak the same phenomena happened in Hong Kong and shops all of a sudden went out of supply for toilet+facial tissues and they remembered it this time, most importantly this time not only HK but it happened it Japan and in parts of US as well.

That day going to the store and watching over every customer coming out a bag of tissue paper in hand mad me think of something. What might happen when we think something as really scarce?? The tissue that you used to roll till it stopped suddenly turned into something precious something of luxury to waste. Did it ever come to our mind that there are elements all around us that we are wasting on every second. You took for granted that you’ll get oxygen, will have ample water just need to turn the tap on. Well, think again.

You think that you’ve the time to get frustrated, well think again.

But be sure not to forget that the depleted tissue can be produced and be back on shelves, but you’ve something that can not, simply can not.

But be sure not to forget that there are certain forces that are simply out of your control and you’ve nothing to do..absolutely nothing. Well may be its time to think of the controller…

A S M Siddique

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