5 lesson learned from my 3 startup failures

A S M Siddique
4 min readApr 5, 2020

Do but not Do

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It seems like that day of my University years when I first thought of my first official startup. Years passed with numbers piled up to 3 failures or learning what you feel good to say. A brief suggestive that might help to avoid the popular entrepreneurial heist.

  1. Dream not Day-Dream

What does an entrepreneur’s life sound like? Well normally as Jayson describes in Entrepreneur its for passion, freedom, flexibility or maybe anything that caters to dream so and forth. But the first reality check for the entrepreneur life is that, well it is highly likely that being an entrepreneur you would have less time, more work more stress, huge financial pressure and definitely less of flexibility. Are you ready to take the toll? Your million dollar idea is worth nothing to people and businesses and no one cares about your dream. If you hit the road, know the risks and condition of the road well.

2. Simplify not Amplify

Have you ever seen Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares? If yes whats the single point of learning that you can conclude?

When you’re in a business, cater to that business. In other words, when you’re doing restaurant, do the restaurant not the music. So being in the restaurant your proposition will be food not music, you will serve taste to plates and if only you can do that well then you are highly likely to succeed. What does that mean, does it mean a restaurant shouldn’t have great interior with rigorous menu offering, music and all sorts of features to make the guests bewildered? Well. definitely they might be there but they are your additives that might make the customers feel good if not in many cases feel awkward. So long as you are serving a good platter and make people feel come once again for the food, well congratulations, you are on the right way.

3. Devote but not Delude

Are you ready to change? Do you have an ego that often feel like mountain when confronted with truths? The last thing you want your idea to struggle with is holding to your ego and don’t listen to the people and customers around. What does it mean? It means you have to let the business go free of yourself. It should be developed as a learning organization not your pet. Yes it started…

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